Assorted Studio

Retain Memorise Thrive

Retain-Memorise-Thrive is the title of a past research project centred around development trends in London.

The study had a particular focus on general development pressure and the knock on effect that un-contextualised, duplicative schemes are having on their surroundings. A trend that became apparent was a rise of the consolidation of single buildings into blocks, depleting areas of their individuality, particularity and vernacular heritage.

It favoured a move towards more considered, site specific regeneration and conservation that in turn may stimulate more porous, hierarchical and characterful surroundings. Enduring materials – sympathetic and in reference to a place’s vernacular style and character – may prompt the manifestation of familiarity and memory in an ever globalised and homogenous society.

Themes of a building’s enveloping fabric, internal programme and integration with the adjacent urban fabric were of principle interest and offered insights into the public and private realm of certain areas within central London.

The series of collages below were created alongside a wider body of research.