Assorted Studio

Don’t Panic, Dilston Grove

An installation project with Klára Kierzkowska as part of Don’t Panic, located within the gallery of Dilston Grove, London.

A confessional-like device was conceived as a semi-private space in which participants could contemplate and share, providing an abstracted means of communication with the gallery audience. Any dialogue was dampened through the confessional’s soundproofed walls, a single video link providing image-only feedback to a remote screen.

Two closed perspectives were created, a portal to the outside and a view inwards. An intermediate, moderated platform in which to express thoughts or confessions, a reflective space within a mediated framework.

Constructed using wood fibre insulation and sheets of cement fibreboard. Its design was informed by research into traditional confessional booths – their scale, character, presence and function.

In collaboration with University of the Arts London and Southwark Park Galleries.