Assorted Studio


Design with person and place in mind.

We work with a client-centred, site-specific and progressive mindset, seeking harmony between the natural and built environment.

Responsible, context-sensitive design.

Vernacular heritage and local resourcefulness is always front of mind, as well as an appreciation of and enthusiasm for modern technologies where appropriate.

Materiality, experimentation and making.

All projects involve a thorough investigation into suitable materials and their qualities. This helps us identify, share and implement culturally-appropriate yet innovative technologies that support energy-efficiency and comfort.



We carefully integrate the experiential and structural aspects of interior and exterior space.

In our drive to foster harmony between the natural and built environment, we seek to create spaces that are not only tasteful and efficient but which also enhance occupants’ everyday quality of life and wellbeing.


Our clients’ unique needs and desires are central to our approach and practice.

We use human-centred design to deliver spaces that are not only practical and well-suited to contemporary lifestyles but also deeply resonant on an emotional level.

Responsible Innovation

We're deeply committed to responsible design and innovation, responding thoughtfully to the existing fabric and context.

We create low-impact solutions that preserve cultural heritage and craftsmanship, support local economies, promote energy efficiency and improve sustainability. We achieve this through the careful integration of heritage conservation, technical innovation and the resourceful use of materials.

Care + Custodianship

We have an inherent respect for each site’s vernacular heritage, aiming to support its careful evolution.

Growing up in the Cotswolds has imbued a natural intuition for design that reflects local character whilst embracing modern lifestyles.

This discerning eye for site-specific nuance and vernacular infuses every project, both in the UK and further afield. We place a strong focus on tastefully and carefully integrating designs with their surrounding environment.


A Custodian Mentality


Sensitivity / Care

Wisdom / Technology

Longevity / Durability

Experimentation / Research

Learning / Collaboration

Honesty, Transparency + Trust

Co-creating Local Economies

Good Taste / High Quality