Retain Memorise Thrive

Masters Thesis Project 2017
Development pressure in London is leading to the wholesale redevelopment of Soho. Un- contextualised, duplicative forms are consolidating blocks into single buildings, excoriating its urban grain and vernacular heritage and leading to the loss of individuality and particularity.

Retain-Memorise-Thrive proposes an alternate form of development that synthesises Soho’s workplace, cultural programme and public realm, engaging its visitors and workforce with more porous, hierarchical and characterful surroundings. Considered, site specific regeneration and conservation shall see certain elements of the built environment retained and reformed. Enduring materials - sympathetic and in reference to Soho’s vernacular scale and character - shall prompt the manifestation of familiarity and memory. Soho’s stimulating and culturally rich economy shall be allowed to seep into the public realm through its mediating fabric.
Image Credits: Assorted Studio, Ludovica Frezza